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 Love me, love me not

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Love me, love me not Empty
PostSubject: Love me, love me not   Love me, love me not EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 5:43 pm

Chapter one

His eyes were as cold as snow. The blue iris shined thru the white snow, and it made me shiver, but I can’t really tell why.
My heartbeats went faster and faster, when I suddenly understood that I was not breathing.
I took a deep breath and tried to catch up my breath so he wouldn’t see how I had reacted.
His friends were coming. If I didn’t do something fast, I would miss my, maybe only, opportunity. But we both knew, that I’d never say anything.
I came to think that maybe it would be easier if I just told him, or tried to get him to understand. But then I remembered Her, that incredibly annoying girl that ALWAYS followed him. We had once been friends, but now I honestly could say that I hated her. I hated her whole family, those weird, idiotic freaks who had taken more than one thing from me.
I did not understand how he could have missed how I thought of her. That was impossible; I had even told him that I do not like her!
I was just about to ask him why he doesn’t just tell her to stay away when I heard that annoying voice.
‘Hello Eva.’

~Eva Mörtsell, 13 years old, author.

‘You can never beat me!’ Aaron shouted and made his Ferrari go faster. I laughed and pressed the boost button and went past him by miles.
‘You are winning Eva! You are winning!’ Emilia cheered. I smiled, but then I saw the look on Aarons face. I hated to lose, but it did not matter. I didn't drive “the paddle to the metal” anymore. Aaron took the chance and won over me, again.
‘You suck!’ I nodded and sighed. Emilia looked disappointed.
‘I really thought you would win this time…’
I smiled and put her in my lap. She giggled.
‘Aw, don’t spread it, you’re brother is really good.’ I looked at Aaron with a grin on my face. ‘I want a rematch!’
‘Oh, you are on!’

Two hours had passed. Emilia was sleeping on the couch, and Aaron gave hug before Sofia, his mom, took him inside.
‘Thank you so much for watching them tonight,’ Thomas said and gave me the money he promised me.
‘Nah, don’t mention it,’ I answered with a smile. ‘Too bad I can’t play with the little punks no more...’ Thomas sighed.
‘Yeah, I’m sorry, but Sofia really thinks that they should be with friends instead, or at grandma’s…’ He sighed again. ‘Thank you, again, and we have got you a job, if you want it.’
‘Are you kidding?! Of course!’ I almost shouted. ‘Where?’
Thomas smiled. ‘It’s a family who just moved here from the country,’ he told me and I smiled big.
You see, I had to get money, ’cause I, my mom, my best friend and her mom were going to London in the summer. I needed money and lots of it too.
Thomas gave me the address and then I thanked him and called my mom.
On the ride home I told her ‘bout the new babysitter job I had gotten. She thought I worked too much, but she didn’t want me to stay home either. Grownups are weird I guess.
Good? what do you think?
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Love me, love me not
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